The Trilogy


Artisanal Cider

The « Kerné » is an artisanal cider with its own character filled with intense and generous flavours, it is the fruit of a subtle balance.

Its natural effervescence procures a soft sparkling sensation and reveals the full flavour of its fruits.

It is ideally matched to accompany meals such as fish or shellfish, or as the cider to have to  accompany buckwheat crêpes.

Fruity Cider

The Kerné « Fruité » is a delicately flavoured artisanal cider.

This cider of « pleasure » is round and intense at the same time, and simply to be appreciated.

It is ideal for aperitif or to accompany crêpes (regular flour batter or froment crêpes).

Sweet Cider

The Kerné « Doux » is a gourmand and tasty cider , delicate with sweet flavours and subtle scents of apples.

Its sweetness is ideal for tea-time snacks and desserts, and it is particularly appreciated with all sweet crepes.