A Family History


Cider makers for 3 generations, the Bosser family strives with passion to produce one of the most reputable artisanal breton ciders in the region.


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Famille Bosser dans les vergers

Une Histoire de Famille

Depuis 3 générations la famille Bosser œuvre avec passion pour produire l’un des cidres artisanaux bretons les plus réputés du territoire.

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The Love for Cider

SINCE 1947

Situated in the heart of the country of Bigouden in Pouldreuzic, the Kerné cider house is the oldest of Finistere.  Founded in 1947 by Pierre Bosser in a traditional granite stone workshop, the cidery was further developed by his son, Yves, and his daughter-in-law, Michèle from 1977 onwards.  They continued to stay loyal to Pierre’s values of consistency, of quality and of his know-how.

Today, three of their children, Anne, Gérard and Claude, together with their team of fifteen employees, ensure the fabulous destiny of the Kerne cider house while maintaining the artisanal production method.

Coeur de pomme Kerné

The Love for Apples


The Kerné cider, resulting from the alchemy between man and nature, draws its roots in the diversity of the local breton fruit orchards. The apples come mostly from southern Finistere : our partner orchards of the Bigouden country and of the Quimper region, Fouesnant, Clohars-Carnoët…, as well as from our own orchards in Douarnenez, Combrit and Quimper.

​The seasons give the pace of work in the orchards. The pruning takes place in winter, followed by flowering and pollination by bees and other insects in spring. Then, summer is the time where the apples soak up the sun.  Finally, autumn comes around and it is time for harvest.

Artisanal Cidery


Heirs of a family know-how, we are attached to the tradition and to the methods transmitted to us by our parents and grandparents. We are also concerned about proposing a product of an irreproachable and constant quality. Therefore, we invest regularly in our factory to modernise the workshop in order to elaborate the best ciders.

Recognised for its know-how, the Kerné cidery puts its entire passion into producing fruity and festive ciders, out of apples from our Breton terroir. Discover our entire range of artisanal ciders and apple juices here .

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The sweet alchemy of cider



A Strict Selection.

The apples used for the artisanal production of our ciders are chosen according to their origins and varieties. They fall into 4 different categories :

  • Bitter : Kermerrien, C’hueroBriz, Marie Ménard,…
  • Bitter-sweet : DousMoën, Peau de Chien, Prat Yeot,…
  • Sweet : Dous Coët Ligné, Avalou Beleinn,…
  • Tangy : Guillevic, Rouget de Dol…

They are, a total of 20 varietals carefully chosen to be part of the assembly of our pure juice ciders.

The Apple is a delicate raw material.

Harvested at maturity, the apples are washed after being stored during a short period, in order to guarantee their freshness. A freshness which is essential to liberate their best flavours.  The apples are then rigorously sorted out , an indispensable step which guarantees the criteria of quality. They are crushed in order to obtain a pulp which is then pressed.  This pressed product is called the apple must (a cloudy pure apple juice). This apple must is then stored in our vat tanks. Several steps will follow to transform it into cider.

The secrets of our production…

When the cider comes to maturity, we proceed to the blending of different vat tanks. It is in this blending which resides part of the special know-how of Kerné , resulting in the consistent harmonious taste , so typical of our Kerné ciders. Finally, we filter the cider until it becomes clear by removing the yeast, thus guaranteeing its preservation.  After that, the cider is bottled and ready for consumption !